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Overview of Chad

Time in the Chad

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Time zone : Africa/Ndjamena
  • Country : Chad
  • Capital : N'Djamena
  • Population : 10,543,464
  • Country code (Iso) : TD / TCD
  • Dialing code : +235 / 00235
  • Currency : Franc

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Chad map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Chad. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Chad. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : French (official), Arabic (official), Sara (in south), more than 120 different languages and dialects

Chad : list of states

Main cities in Chad

N'Djamena (Chari-Baguirmi)721,081 inhabitants
Moundou (Logone Occidental)135,167 inhabitants
Sarh (Moyen-Chari)102,528 inhabitants
Abéché (Ouadaï)74,188 inhabitants
Kelo (Tandjilé)42,533 inhabitants
Koumra (Mandoul)36,263 inhabitants
Pala (Mayo-Kebbi Ouest)35,466 inhabitants
Am Timan (Salamat)28,885 inhabitants
Bongor (Mayo-Kebbi Est)27,770 inhabitants
Mongo (Guéra)27,763 inhabitants
Doba (Logone Oriental)24,336 inhabitants
Ati (Batha)24,074 inhabitants
Fada (Ennedi-Ouest)23,786 inhabitants
Laï (Tandjilé)19,382 inhabitants
Oum Hadjer (Batha)19,271 inhabitants
Bitkine (Guéra)18,495 inhabitants
Mao (Kanem)18,031 inhabitants
Massaguet (Hadjer-Lamis)17,906 inhabitants
Dourbali (Chari-Baguirmi)17,682 inhabitants
Mboursou Léré (Mayo-Kebbi Ouest)17,132 inhabitants
Kyabé (Moyen-Chari)16,177 inhabitants
Benoy (Logone Occidental)15,717 inhabitants
Massakory (Hadjer-Lamis)15,406 inhabitants
Moussoro (Barh el Gazel)15,190 inhabitants
Bokoro (Hadjer-Lamis)14,723 inhabitants
Béré (Tandjilé)14,666 inhabitants
Bousso (Chari-Baguirmi)13,555 inhabitants
Faya-Largeau (Borkou)13,400 inhabitants
Bébédja (Logone Oriental)12,671 inhabitants
Ngama (Chari-Baguirmi)12,438 inhabitants
Adré (Ouadaï)11,928 inhabitants
Bol (Lac)11,700 inhabitants
Guelendeng (Mayo-Kebbi Est)11,379 inhabitants
Moïssala (Mandoul)11,264 inhabitants
Biltine (Wadi Fira)11,000 inhabitants
Goundi (Mandoul)10,052 inhabitants
Gounou Gaya (Mayo-Kebbi Est)9,521 inhabitants
Beïnamar (Logone Occidental)7,445 inhabitants
Melfi (Guéra)5,784 inhabitants
Béboto (Logone Oriental)5,432 inhabitants
Massenya (Chari-Baguirmi)3,680 inhabitants
Aozou (Tibesti)1,880 inhabitants
Goz Béïda (Ouadaï)1,500 inhabitants
Iriba (Wadi Fira)1,100 inhabitants
Goz Beïda (Sila)1,000 inhabitants
Am Djarass (Ennedi-Est)0 inhabitants
Bardaï (Tibesti)0 inhabitants