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Overview of Tajikistan

Time in the Tajikistan

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Time zone : Asia/Dushanbe
  • Country : Tajikistan
  • Capital : Dushanbe
  • Population : 7,487,489
  • Country code (Iso) : TJ / TJK
  • Dialing code : +992 / 00992
  • Currency : Somoni

Tajikistan map

Tajikistan map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Tajikistan. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Tajikistan. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Tajik (official), Russian widely used in government and business

Tajikistan : list of states

Main cities in Tajikistan

Dushanbe (Dushanbe)679,400 inhabitants
Khŭjand (Sughd)144,865 inhabitants
Kŭlob (Khatlon)78,786 inhabitants
Qŭrghonteppa (Khatlon)65,000 inhabitants
Istaravshan (Sughd)52,851 inhabitants
Konibodom (Sughd)50,359 inhabitants
Vahdat (Republican Subordination)45,693 inhabitants
Isfara (Sughd)37,738 inhabitants
Tursunzoda (Republican Subordination)37,000 inhabitants
Panjakent (Sughd)35,085 inhabitants
Khorugh (Gorno-Badakhshan)30,000 inhabitants
Ishqoshim (Gorno-Badakhshan)26,000 inhabitants
Hisor (Republican Subordination)23,978 inhabitants
Boshkengash (Dushanbe)23,696 inhabitants
Danghara (Khatlon)22,824 inhabitants
Moskovskiy (Khatlon)22,100 inhabitants
Farkhor (Khatlon)21,736 inhabitants
Vose’ (Khatlon)21,736 inhabitants
Chkalov (Sughd)21,537 inhabitants
Chubek (Khatlon)19,563 inhabitants
Kolkhozobod (Khatlon)18,476 inhabitants
Norak (Khatlon)18,122 inhabitants
Yovon (Khatlon)17,471 inhabitants
Proletar (Sughd)16,441 inhabitants
Vakhsh (Khatlon)15,215 inhabitants
Nov (Sughd)13,833 inhabitants
Adrasmon (Sughd)13,372 inhabitants
Bŭston (Sughd)13,043 inhabitants
Shahritus (Khatlon)13,042 inhabitants
Mŭ’minobod (Khatlon)11,955 inhabitants
Shaydon (Sughd)11,705 inhabitants
Taboshar (Sughd)11,578 inhabitants
Murghob (Gorno-Badakhshan)10,815 inhabitants
Rasht (Republican Subordination)10,771 inhabitants
Obigarm (Republican Subordination)10,035 inhabitants
Abdurahmoni Jomí (Khatlon)9,943 inhabitants
Khodzha-Maston (Republican Subordination)9,781 inhabitants
Dŭstí (Khatlon)8,700 inhabitants
Sovet (Khatlon)8,695 inhabitants
Gharavŭtí (Khatlon)8,474 inhabitants
Pakhtakoron (Sughd)8,220 inhabitants
Panj (Khatlon)8,019 inhabitants
Roghun (Republican Subordination)7,731 inhabitants
Kirov (Khatlon)7,696 inhabitants
Orzu (Khatlon)5,988 inhabitants
Jilikŭl (Khatlon)5,434 inhabitants
Shahrinav (Republican Subordination)5,385 inhabitants
Novobod (Republican Subordination)5,352 inhabitants
Konsoy (Sughd)5,042 inhabitants
Oltintopkan (Sughd)4,823 inhabitants
Neftobod (Sughd)4,603 inhabitants
Boshchorbogh (Khatlon)4,237 inhabitants
Bŭstonqal’a (Khatlon)4,068 inhabitants
Shŭrob (Sughd)3,984 inhabitants
Vorukh (Sughd)3,836 inhabitants
Quruqsoy (Sughd)3,288 inhabitants
Palos (Sughd)3,288 inhabitants
Karakenja (Republican Subordination)2,899 inhabitants
Tagob (Republican Subordination)2,565 inhabitants
Kim (Sughd)2,411 inhabitants
Tartiki (Khatlon)2,342 inhabitants
Varzob (Republican Subordination)2,154 inhabitants
Ayní (Sughd)2,128 inhabitants
Darband (Republican Subordination)1,115 inhabitants
Mehron (Sughd)0 inhabitants
Ghafurov (Sughd)0 inhabitants
Zafarobod (Sughd)0 inhabitants
Bahorí (Khatlon)0 inhabitants
Roghun (Republican Subordination)0 inhabitants
Baljuvon (Khatlon)0 inhabitants
Jirghatol (Republican Subordination)0 inhabitants
Fayzobod (Republican Subordination)0 inhabitants
Ghonchí (Sughd)0 inhabitants
Qubodiyon (Khatlon)0 inhabitants
Qalaikhumb (Gorno-Badakhshan)0 inhabitants
Sarband (Khatlon)0 inhabitants
Khovaling (Khatlon)0 inhabitants
Somoniyon (Republican Subordination)0 inhabitants
Moskva (Khatlon)0 inhabitants
Obikiik (Khatlon)0 inhabitants