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Overview of Tunisia

Time in the Tunisia

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Time zone : Africa/Tunis
  • Country : Tunisia
  • Capital : Tunis
  • Population : 10,589,025
  • Country code (Iso) : TN / TUN
  • Dialing code : +216 / 00216
  • Currency : Dinar

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In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Tunisia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Tunisia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Arabic (official, one of the languages of commerce), French (commerce), Berber (Tamazight)

Tunisia : list of states

Main cities in Tunisia

Tunis (Tūnis)693,210 inhabitants
Sfax (Şafāqis)277,278 inhabitants
Sousse (Sūsah)164,123 inhabitants
Kairouan (Kairouan)119,794 inhabitants
Bizerte (Banzart)115,268 inhabitants
Gabès (Qābis)110,075 inhabitants
Ariana (Ariana)97,687 inhabitants
Kasserine (Al Qaşrayn)81,987 inhabitants
Gafsa (Gafsa)81,232 inhabitants
La Goulette (Tūnis)79,795 inhabitants
Zarzis (Madanīn)79,316 inhabitants
Ben Arous (Bin ‘Arūs)74,932 inhabitants
Monastir (Al Munastīr)71,546 inhabitants
La Mohammedia (Tūnis)66,593 inhabitants
Al Marsá (Tūnis)65,640 inhabitants
Msaken (Sūsah)64,563 inhabitants
Skanes (Al Munastīr)64,222 inhabitants
Houmt El Souk (Madanīn)62,583 inhabitants
Tataouine (Tataouine)62,577 inhabitants
El Hamma (Qābis)62,000 inhabitants
Medenine (Madanīn)61,705 inhabitants
Douane (Nābul)60,192 inhabitants
Béja (Bājah)57,233 inhabitants
Nabeul (Nābul)56,387 inhabitants
Hammamet (Nābul)53,733 inhabitants
Jendouba (Jundūbah)51,408 inhabitants
El Kef (Kef)47,979 inhabitants
Hammam-Lif (Tūnis)47,760 inhabitants
Oued Lill (Tūnis)47,101 inhabitants
Menzel Bourguiba (Banzart)46,245 inhabitants
Mahdia (Al Mahdīyah)45,977 inhabitants
Zouila (Al Mahdīyah)44,349 inhabitants
Radès (Tūnis)44,298 inhabitants
Kélibia (Nābul)43,209 inhabitants
Sidi Bouzid (Sīdī Bū Zayd)42,098 inhabitants
Metlaoui (Gafsa)41,899 inhabitants
Djemmal (Al Munastīr)39,990 inhabitants
Ksar Hellal (Al Munastīr)39,792 inhabitants
Tozeur (Tawzar)34,943 inhabitants
Dar Chabanne (Nābul)33,953 inhabitants
Hammam Sousse (Sūsah)33,834 inhabitants
Gremda (Şafāqis)33,744 inhabitants
Korba (Nābul)33,589 inhabitants
La Sebala du Mornag (Tūnis)33,421 inhabitants
Midoun (Madanīn)32,000 inhabitants
Mateur (Banzart)31,005 inhabitants
Ar Rudayyif (Gafsa)30,048 inhabitants
Douz (Qibilī)28,127 inhabitants
Ksour Essaf (Al Mahdīyah)27,936 inhabitants
Siliana (Silyānah)26,960 inhabitants
Manouba (Manouba)24,948 inhabitants
Nefta (Tawzar)21,720 inhabitants
Chebba (Al Mahdīyah)21,559 inhabitants
Menzel Jemil (Banzart)21,542 inhabitants
Takelsa (Nābul)20,659 inhabitants
Medjez el Bab (Bājah)20,118 inhabitants
El Jem (Al Mahdīyah)20,029 inhabitants
Akouda (Sūsah)20,027 inhabitants
Kebili (Qibilī)19,875 inhabitants
Tajerouine (Kef)18,909 inhabitants
Douar Tindja (Banzart)18,551 inhabitants
Ouardenine (Al Munastīr)18,287 inhabitants
El Fahs (Zaghwān)18,083 inhabitants
Beni Khiar (Nābul)18,011 inhabitants
Zaghouan (Zaghwān)16,911 inhabitants
Mennzel Bou Zelfa (Nābul)16,231 inhabitants
El Alia (Banzart)16,083 inhabitants
Thala (Al Qaşrayn)16,068 inhabitants
Bekalta (Al Munastīr)15,937 inhabitants
Carthage (Tūnis)15,922 inhabitants
Menzel Abderhaman (Banzart)15,769 inhabitants
Galaat el Andeless (Ariana)15,313 inhabitants
Maktar (Silyānah)14,500 inhabitants
Erriadh (Madanīn)14,426 inhabitants
Sahline (Al Munastīr)13,806 inhabitants
Seïada (Al Munastīr)13,718 inhabitants
Tabarka (Jundūbah)13,712 inhabitants
Testour (Bājah)13,708 inhabitants
Ben Gardane (Madanīn)13,364 inhabitants
Tabursuq (Bājah)12,727 inhabitants