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Overview of Tanzania

Time in the Tanzania

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Time zone : Africa/Dar_es_Salaam
  • Country : Tanzania
  • Capital : Dodoma
  • Population : 41,892,895
  • Country code (Iso) : TZ / TZA
  • Dialing code : +255 / 00255
  • Currency : Shilling

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Tanzania map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Tanzania. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Tanzania. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Kiswahili or Swahili (official), Kiunguja (name for Swahili in Zanzibar), English (official, primary language of commerce, administration, and higher education), Arabic (widely spoken in Zanzibar), many local languages

Tanzania : list of states

Main cities in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam (Dar es Salaam)2,698,652 inhabitants
Mwanza (Mwanza)436,801 inhabitants
Zanzibar (Zanzibar Urban/West)403,658 inhabitants
Arusha (Arusha)341,136 inhabitants
Mbeya (Mbeya)291,649 inhabitants
Morogoro (Morogoro)250,902 inhabitants
Tanga (Tanga)224,876 inhabitants
Dodoma (Dodoma)180,541 inhabitants
Kigoma (Kigoma)164,268 inhabitants
Moshi (Kilimanjaro)156,959 inhabitants
Tabora (Tabora)145,292 inhabitants
Songea (Ruvuma)126,449 inhabitants
Musoma (Mara)121,119 inhabitants
Iringa (Iringa)111,820 inhabitants
Katumba (Mbeya)108,558 inhabitants
Shinyanga (Shinyanga)107,362 inhabitants
Mtwara (Mtwara)96,602 inhabitants
Ushirombo (Geita)95,052 inhabitants
Kilosa (Morogoro)91,889 inhabitants
Sumbawanga (Rukwa)89,161 inhabitants
Bagamoyo (Pwani)82,426 inhabitants
Mpanda (Katavi)73,338 inhabitants
Bukoba (Kagera)70,628 inhabitants
Singida (Singida)62,432 inhabitants
Uyovu (Geita)60,849 inhabitants
Makumbako (Njombe)53,003 inhabitants
Buseresere (Geita)52,870 inhabitants
Bunda (Mara)50,944 inhabitants
Merelani (Arusha)50,000 inhabitants
Katoro (Geita)49,691 inhabitants
Ifakara (Morogoro)49,528 inhabitants
Njombe (Njombe)46,724 inhabitants
Lindi (Lindi)41,912 inhabitants
Vwawa (Mbeya)40,145 inhabitants
Geita (Geita)40,000 inhabitants
Nguruka (Kigoma)39,135 inhabitants
Newala Kisimani (Mtwara)38,099 inhabitants
Geiro (Morogoro)37,909 inhabitants
Kidatu (Morogoro)37,542 inhabitants
Kasulu (Kigoma)37,349 inhabitants
Tunduma (Mbeya)36,556 inhabitants
Masasi (Mtwara)36,032 inhabitants
Kahama (Shinyanga)36,014 inhabitants
Kidodi (Morogoro)35,953 inhabitants
Igunga (Tabora)35,644 inhabitants
Misungwi (Mwanza)35,530 inhabitants
Mlimba (Morogoro)34,970 inhabitants
Mafinga (Iringa)34,958 inhabitants
Masumbwe (Geita)34,780 inhabitants
Chalinze (Pwani)34,335 inhabitants
Babati (Manyara)34,291 inhabitants
Biharamulo (Kagera)34,038 inhabitants
Somanda (Simiyu)33,932 inhabitants
Bariadi (Simiyu)33,865 inhabitants
Kirando (Rukwa)33,111 inhabitants
Tarime (Mara)33,094 inhabitants
Tumbi (Tabora)32,900 inhabitants
Bugarama (Kagera)32,494 inhabitants
Mvomero (Pwani)31,324 inhabitants
Chanika (Tanga)30,905 inhabitants
Kyela (Mbeya)30,684 inhabitants
Kibiti (Pwani)30,163 inhabitants
Kisesa (Simiyu)29,804 inhabitants
Lukuledi (Mtwara)29,699 inhabitants
Mlandizi (Pwani)29,394 inhabitants
Rujewa (Mbeya)29,228 inhabitants
Ilula (Iringa)29,193 inhabitants
Kibondo (Kigoma)28,666 inhabitants
Tukuyu (Mbeya)28,398 inhabitants
Namanyere (Rukwa)28,218 inhabitants
Mkuranga (Pwani)28,037 inhabitants
Bungu (Pwani)27,873 inhabitants
Chato (Geita)27,776 inhabitants
Kasamwa (Geita)27,681 inhabitants
Sikonge (Tabora)27,113 inhabitants
Malinyi (Morogoro)27,041 inhabitants
Mtinko (Singida)26,725 inhabitants
Nzega (Tabora)26,584 inhabitants
Maramba (Tanga)26,531 inhabitants
Wete (Pemba North)26,450 inhabitants