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Overview of Uruguay

Time in the Uruguay

Uruguay hour
Time zone : America/Montevideo
  • Country : Uruguay
  • Capital : Montevideo
  • Population : 3,477,000
  • Country code (Iso) : UY / URY
  • Dialing code : +598 / 00598
  • Currency : Peso

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Uruguay map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Uruguay. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Uruguay. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Spanish (official), Portunol, Brazilero (Portuguese-Spanish mix on the Brazilian frontier)

Uruguay : list of states

Main cities in Uruguay

Montevideo (Montevideo)1,270,737 inhabitants
Salto (Salto)99,823 inhabitants
Paysandú (Paysandú)73,249 inhabitants
Las Piedras (Canelones)69,682 inhabitants
Rivera (Rivera)64,631 inhabitants
Maldonado (Maldonado)55,478 inhabitants
Tacuarembó (Tacuarembó)51,854 inhabitants
Melo (Cerro Largo)51,023 inhabitants
Mercedes (Soriano)42,359 inhabitants
Artigas (Artigas)41,909 inhabitants
Minas (Lavalleja)38,025 inhabitants
San José de Mayo (San José)36,529 inhabitants
Durazno (Durazno)33,926 inhabitants
Florida (Florida)32,234 inhabitants
Barros Blancos (Canelones)31,650 inhabitants
Treinta y Tres (Treinta y Tres)25,653 inhabitants
Rocha (Rocha)25,515 inhabitants
San Carlos (Maldonado)24,938 inhabitants
Pando (Canelones)24,047 inhabitants
Fray Bentos (Río Negro)23,279 inhabitants
Colonia del Sacramento (Colonia)21,714 inhabitants
Trinidad (Flores)21,429 inhabitants
La Paz (Canelones)19,913 inhabitants
Canelones (Canelones)19,698 inhabitants
Delta del Tigre (San José)17,973 inhabitants
Carmelo (Colonia)16,921 inhabitants
Santa Lucía (Canelones)16,438 inhabitants
Progreso (Canelones)15,973 inhabitants
Young (Río Negro)15,924 inhabitants
Dolores (Soriano)15,880 inhabitants
Paso de Carrasco (Canelones)15,393 inhabitants
Río Branco (Cerro Largo)13,567 inhabitants
Juan L. Lacaze (Colonia)13,223 inhabitants
Paso de los Toros (Tacuarembó)13,221 inhabitants
Bella Unión (Artigas)13,171 inhabitants
Chui (Rocha)10,485 inhabitants
Nueva Helvecia (Colonia)10,054 inhabitants
Nueva Palmira (Colonia)9,335 inhabitants
Libertad (San José)9,311 inhabitants
Rosario (Colonia)9,308 inhabitants
Colonia Nicolich (Canelones)8,902 inhabitants
Piriápolis (Maldonado)7,968 inhabitants
Castillos (Rocha)7,686 inhabitants
Tranqueras (Rivera)7,474 inhabitants
Sarandí del Yi (Durazno)7,367 inhabitants
Punta del Este (Maldonado)7,234 inhabitants
Pan de Azúcar (Maldonado)7,180 inhabitants
San Ramón (Canelones)7,008 inhabitants
Lascano (Rocha)6,976 inhabitants
Sarandí Grande (Florida)6,441 inhabitants
Joaquín Suárez (Canelones)6,257 inhabitants
Tarariras (Colonia)6,069 inhabitants
Sauce (Canelones)5,910 inhabitants
José Pedro Varela (Lavalleja)5,388 inhabitants
Guichón (Paysandú)5,051 inhabitants
Tala (Canelones)4,949 inhabitants
Barra de Carrasco (Canelones)4,824 inhabitants
Cardona (Soriano)4,712 inhabitants
Atlántida (Canelones)4,669 inhabitants
Vichadero (Rivera)4,170 inhabitants
Toledo (Canelones)4,056 inhabitants
Empalme Olmos (Canelones)4,007 inhabitants
Vergara (Treinta y Tres)3,998 inhabitants
San Jacinto (Canelones)3,954 inhabitants
Santa Rosa (Canelones)3,711 inhabitants
Florencio Sánchez (Colonia)3,587 inhabitants
Minas de Corrales (Rivera)3,509 inhabitants
Ombúes de Lavalle (Colonia)3,482 inhabitants
La Paloma (Rocha)3,230 inhabitants
Tomás Gomensoro (Artigas)2,872 inhabitants
Quebracho (Paysandú)2,871 inhabitants
Villa Constitución (Salto)2,846 inhabitants
Solís de Mataojo (Lavalleja)2,704 inhabitants
Villa del Carmen (Durazno)2,703 inhabitants
Aiguá (Maldonado)2,692 inhabitants
Casupá (Florida)2,679 inhabitants
Rodríguez (San José)2,588 inhabitants
Isidoro Noblía (Cerro Largo)2,526 inhabitants
Baltasar Brum (Artigas)2,517 inhabitants
Nuevo Berlín (Río Negro)2,461 inhabitants