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Overview of Uzbekistan

Time in the Uzbekistan

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Time zone : Asia/Tashkent
  • Country : Uzbekistan
  • Capital : Tashkent
  • Population : 27,865,738
  • Country code (Iso) : UZ / UZB
  • Dialing code : +998 / 00998
  • Currency : Som

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Uzbekistan map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Uzbekistan. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Uzbekistan. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Uzbek (official) 74.3%, Russian 14.2%, Tajik 4.4%, other 7.1%

Uzbekistan : list of states

Main cities in Uzbekistan

Tashkent (Toshkent Shahri)1,978,028 inhabitants
Namangan (Namangan)432,456 inhabitants
Samarqand (Samarqand)319,366 inhabitants
Andijon (Andijon)318,419 inhabitants
Bukhara (Bukhara)247,644 inhabitants
Nukus (Karakalpakstan)230,006 inhabitants
Qarshi (Qashqadaryo)222,898 inhabitants
Qo‘qon (Fergana)187,477 inhabitants
Chirchiq (Toshkent)167,842 inhabitants
Fergana (Fergana)164,322 inhabitants
Jizzax (Jizzax)152,642 inhabitants
Urganch (Xorazm)150,110 inhabitants
Tirmiz (Surxondaryo)140,385 inhabitants
Marg‘ilon (Fergana)133,490 inhabitants
Navoiy (Navoiy)129,725 inhabitants
Angren (Toshkent)126,957 inhabitants
Olmaliq (Toshkent)121,207 inhabitants
Bekobod (Toshkent)86,259 inhabitants
Denov (Surxondaryo)68,994 inhabitants
Chust (Namangan)64,966 inhabitants
Kogon (Bukhara)62,620 inhabitants
Yangiyŭl (Toshkent)60,000 inhabitants
Koson (Qashqadaryo)59,681 inhabitants
Kattaqo‘rg‘on (Samarqand)59,382 inhabitants
Oltinko‘l (Karakalpakstan)59,122 inhabitants
Shahrisabz (Qashqadaryo)57,051 inhabitants
Asaka (Andijon)56,736 inhabitants
Khiwa (Xorazm)55,567 inhabitants
Guliston (Sirdaryo)53,373 inhabitants
Beruniy (Karakalpakstan)50,929 inhabitants
Khŭjayli (Karakalpakstan)50,000 inhabitants
Chortoq (Namangan)49,844 inhabitants
Novyy Turtkul’ (Karakalpakstan)48,908 inhabitants
Urgut (Samarqand)47,373 inhabitants
Kosonsoy (Namangan)43,684 inhabitants
Kitob (Qashqadaryo)41,938 inhabitants
Ghijduwon (Bukhara)41,070 inhabitants
Oqtosh (Samarqand)38,307 inhabitants
Parkent (Toshkent)35,973 inhabitants
Ohangaron (Toshkent)35,516 inhabitants
Uchqŭrghon Shahri (Namangan)33,323 inhabitants
Quva (Fergana)33,167 inhabitants
Yangiyer (Sirdaryo)32,636 inhabitants
Quvasoy (Fergana)32,024 inhabitants
Manghit (Karakalpakstan)30,854 inhabitants
Uychi (Namangan)29,683 inhabitants
Nurota (Navoiy)29,403 inhabitants
Muborak (Qashqadaryo)29,180 inhabitants
Toshbuloq (Namangan)28,562 inhabitants
Yangiqo‘rg‘on (Namangan)28,422 inhabitants
Piskent (Toshkent)27,865 inhabitants
To‘rqao‘rg‘on (Namangan)27,862 inhabitants
Qibray (Toshkent)27,750 inhabitants
Iskandar (Toshkent)27,636 inhabitants
Gurlan (Xorazm)27,506 inhabitants
Zomin (Jizzax)27,077 inhabitants
Showot (Xorazm)26,950 inhabitants
Sirdaryo (Sirdaryo)26,816 inhabitants
Bulung’ur (Samarqand)26,815 inhabitants
Toshloq (Fergana)26,686 inhabitants
Shofirkon (Bukhara)26,527 inhabitants
Salor (Toshkent)26,494 inhabitants
Bektemir (Toshkent Shahri)26,380 inhabitants
Haqqulobod (Namangan)26,257 inhabitants
Qo‘rg‘ontepa (Andijon)25,861 inhabitants
Oltiariq (Fergana)25,543 inhabitants
G‘uzor (Qashqadaryo)25,368 inhabitants
Boysun (Surxondaryo)25,050 inhabitants
Yangirabot (Navoiy)25,027 inhabitants
Yangiobod (Toshkent)24,900 inhabitants
Sho‘rchi (Surxondaryo)24,900 inhabitants
Gagarin (Jizzax)24,856 inhabitants
Zafar (Toshkent)24,781 inhabitants
Payshanba (Samarqand)24,772 inhabitants
G‘azalkent (Toshkent)24,700 inhabitants
Chinoz (Toshkent)24,553 inhabitants
Karakul’ (Bukhara)22,487 inhabitants
Pop (Namangan)22,122 inhabitants
Beshariq (Fergana)21,984 inhabitants
Paxtakor (Jizzax)21,384 inhabitants