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Overview of Venezuela

Time in the Venezuela

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Time zone : America/Caracas
  • Country : Venezuela
  • Capital : Caracas
  • Population : 27,223,228
  • Country code (Iso) : VE / VEN
  • Dialing code : +58 / 0058
  • Currency : Bolivar

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Venezuela map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Venezuela. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Venezuela. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Spanish (official), numerous indigenous dialects

Venezuela : list of states

Main cities in Venezuela

Caracas (Distrito Federal)3,000,000 inhabitants
Maracaibo (Zulia)2,225,000 inhabitants
Maracay (Aragua)1,754,256 inhabitants
Valencia (Carabobo)1,385,083 inhabitants
Barquisimeto (Lara)809,490 inhabitants
Ciudad Guayana (Bolívar)746,535 inhabitants
Barcelona (Anzoátegui)424,795 inhabitants
Maturín (Monagas)410,972 inhabitants
Puerto La Cruz (Anzoátegui)370,000 inhabitants
Petare (Miranda)364,684 inhabitants
Barinas (Barinas)353,442 inhabitants
Turmero (Aragua)344,700 inhabitants
Ciudad Bolívar (Bolívar)338,000 inhabitants
Mérida (Mérida)300,000 inhabitants
Alto Barinas (Barinas)284,289 inhabitants
Santa Teresa del Tuy (Miranda)278,890 inhabitants
Cumaná (Sucre)257,783 inhabitants
San Cristóbal (Táchira)246,583 inhabitants
Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Baruta (Miranda)244,216 inhabitants
Mucumpiz (Mérida)215,259 inhabitants
Cabimas (Zulia)200,818 inhabitants
Coro (Falcón)195,227 inhabitants
Guatire (Miranda)191,903 inhabitants
Cúa (Miranda)182,558 inhabitants
Guarenas (Miranda)181,612 inhabitants
Puerto Cabello (Carabobo)174,000 inhabitants
Ocumare del Tuy (Miranda)166,072 inhabitants
Guacara (Carabobo)151,752 inhabitants
El Tigre (Anzoátegui)150,999 inhabitants
El Limón (Aragua)148,247 inhabitants
Acarigua (Portuguesa)143,704 inhabitants
Los Teques (Miranda)140,617 inhabitants
Punto Fijo (Falcón)131,784 inhabitants
Charallave (Miranda)129,182 inhabitants
Palo Negro (Aragua)128,875 inhabitants
Cagua (Aragua)119,033 inhabitants
Anaco (Anzoátegui)117,596 inhabitants
Calabozo (Guárico)117,132 inhabitants
Guanare (Portuguesa)112,286 inhabitants
Carúpano (Sucre)112,082 inhabitants
Ejido (Mérida)106,915 inhabitants
Catia La Mar (Vargas)106,822 inhabitants
Mariara (Carabobo)105,486 inhabitants
Carora (Lara)93,788 inhabitants
Valera (Trujillo)93,756 inhabitants
Yaritagua (Yaracuy)89,662 inhabitants
Valle de La Pascua (Guárico)89,080 inhabitants
San Juan de los Morros (Guárico)87,739 inhabitants
Porlamar (Nueva Esparta)87,120 inhabitants
La Victoria (Aragua)87,045 inhabitants
Tinaquillo (Cojedes)82,145 inhabitants
El Cafetal (Miranda)80,029 inhabitants
San Fernando de Apure (Apure)78,779 inhabitants
San Carlos (Cojedes)77,192 inhabitants
San Felipe (Yaracuy)76,766 inhabitants
Villa de Cura (Aragua)76,614 inhabitants
Araure (Portuguesa)73,054 inhabitants
Güigüe (Carabobo)71,530 inhabitants
La Villa del Rosario (Zulia)65,011 inhabitants
Chacao (Miranda)64,609 inhabitants
San Antonio de Los Altos (Miranda)63,873 inhabitants
Machiques (Zulia)62,968 inhabitants
San José de Guanipa (Anzoátegui)62,128 inhabitants
El Vigía (Mérida)59,092 inhabitants
Caucaguita (Miranda)59,000 inhabitants
Punta Cardón (Falcón)58,926 inhabitants
Los Dos Caminos (Miranda)58,168 inhabitants
El Hatillo (Miranda)57,591 inhabitants
La Dolorita (Miranda)56,846 inhabitants
San Carlos del Zulia (Zulia)56,582 inhabitants
Upata (Bolívar)53,685 inhabitants
El Tocuyo (Lara)53,099 inhabitants
Maiquetía (Vargas)52,564 inhabitants
Caucagüito (Miranda)52,556 inhabitants
Puerto Ayacucho (Amazonas)52,526 inhabitants
Rubio (Táchira)51,568 inhabitants
Tucupita (Delta Amacuro)51,534 inhabitants
San Mateo (Aragua)50,401 inhabitants
Chivacoa (Yaracuy)45,904 inhabitants
Morón (Carabobo)44,308 inhabitants