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Overview of Kosovo

Time in the Kosovo

Kosovo hour
Time zone : Europe/Podgorica
  • Country : Kosovo
  • Capital : Pristina
  • Population : 1,800,000
  • Country code (Iso) : XK / XKX
  • Dialing code : +383 / 00383
  • Currency : Euro

Kosovo map

Kosovo map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Kosovo. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Kosovo. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Albanian (official), Serbian (official), Bosnian, Turkish, Roma

Kosovo : list of states

Main cities in Kosovo

Pristina (Pristina)550,000 inhabitants
Prizren (Prizren)171,464 inhabitants
Mitrovicë (Mitrovica)107,045 inhabitants
Gjakovë (Gjakova)94,158 inhabitants
Suva Reka (Prizren)72,229 inhabitants
Ferizaj (Ferizaj)59,504 inhabitants
Glogovac (Pristina)58,579 inhabitants
Gjilan (Gjilan)51,912 inhabitants
Deçan (Gjakova)50,500 inhabitants
Peć (Pec)48,962 inhabitants
Vitina (Gjilan)46,959 inhabitants
Istok (Pec)40,000 inhabitants
Dragash (Prizren)35,000 inhabitants
Podujeva (Pristina)35,000 inhabitants
Shtime (Ferizaj)35,000 inhabitants
Vushtrri (Mitrovica)30,651 inhabitants
Orahovac (Gjakova)22,049 inhabitants
Llazicë (Prizren)19,863 inhabitants
Leposaviq (Mitrovica)19,000 inhabitants
Zvečan (Mitrovica)17,000 inhabitants
Kosovo Polje (Pristina)16,154 inhabitants
Zubin Potok (Mitrovica)14,900 inhabitants
Obiliq (Pristina)11,612 inhabitants
Kačanik (Ferizaj)9,800 inhabitants
Hani i Elezit (Ferizaj)9,389 inhabitants
Kamenica (Gjilan)9,312 inhabitants
Lipljan (Pristina)9,047 inhabitants
Klina (Pec)8,050 inhabitants
Štrpce (Ferizaj)6,913 inhabitants
Novo Brdo (Pristina)6,720 inhabitants
Strellc i Epërm (Gjakova)6,100 inhabitants
Mamuša (Prizren)5,507 inhabitants
Isniq (Gjakova)5,500 inhabitants
Srbica (Mitrovica)5,089 inhabitants
Ranilug (Gjilan)3,785 inhabitants
Strellc i Ulët (Gjakova)2,850 inhabitants
Klokot (Gjilan)2,551 inhabitants
Prilep (Gjakova)2,500 inhabitants
Mališevo (Prizren)2,300 inhabitants
Irzniq (Gjakova)2,200 inhabitants
Dranoc (Gjakova)2,000 inhabitants
Gllogjan (Gjakova)2,000 inhabitants
Peqan (Prizren)1,883 inhabitants
Partesh (Gjilan)1,787 inhabitants
Budakovo (Prizren)1,576 inhabitants
Leshan (Prizren)1,575 inhabitants
Gjinoc (Prizren)1,571 inhabitants
Lluka e Eperme (Gjakova)1,500 inhabitants
Lumbardhi (Gjakova)1,500 inhabitants
Pagaruša (Prizren)1,374 inhabitants
Papraqan (Gjakova)1,288 inhabitants
Lëbushë (Gjakova)1,250 inhabitants
Kosuriq (Pec)1,200 inhabitants
Nishor (Prizren)1,154 inhabitants
Lloqan (Gjakova)1,050 inhabitants
Dubova (Driloni) (Pec)1,050 inhabitants
Glanica (Pristina)243 inhabitants
Junik (Gjakova)4 inhabitants