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Sanaa, Sanaa

Local time in Sanaa

Time zone : Asia/Aden
  • Country : Yemen
  • Region : Sanaa
  • Population : 1,937,451
  • Country code : YE / YEM
  • Dialing code : +967 / 00967

Get directions and distances from Sanaa

The purpose of this page is to help you so that you find distances and get directions from Sanaa to major cities and places in Sanaa or in Yemen.

The nearest cities from Sanaa, are sorted by distance : Al Aḩḑān at 9 km, Al Khushaybah at 11 km, Saḩar at 12 km, Al Hādīyah at 12 km, Al Madīnah as Sakanīyah at 15 km, Az̧ Z̧ihārī at 16 km, Bayt al Jaḩdarī at 16 km, Al Matshūfah at 16 km, Al Khāniq at 17 km, Al ‘Asharah at 19 km, Ḩalāwah at 19 km, Bayt al Ḩisām at 19 km, Al Mawqirī at 19 km, As Sulayl at 20 km, Bayt Bishr at 20 km,

Distances between Sanaa and other cities

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