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Overview of Zambia

Time in the Zambia

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Time zone : Africa/Lusaka
  • Country : Zambia
  • Capital : Lusaka
  • Population : 13,460,305
  • Country code (Iso) : ZM / ZMB
  • Dialing code : +260 / 00260
  • Currency : Kwacha

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Zambia map : Distances between cities and places

In underneath section you can access to most important distances and roadmaps in Zambia. This website allow you to calculate distances and itiniraries for different travel modes between any cites and places in Zambia. Besides distances you can get directions for several transportation modes.

Languages : Bembe 33.4%, Nyanja 14.7%, Tonga 11.4%, Lozi 5.5%, Chewa 4.5%, Nsenga 2.9%, Tumbuka 2.5%, Lunda (North Western) 1.9%, Kaonde 1.8%, Lala 1.8%, Lamba 1.8%, English (official) 1.7%, Luvale 1.5%, Mambwe 1.3%, Namwanga 1.2%, Lenje 1.1%, Bisa 1%, other 9.2%, unspecified 0.4%

Zambia : list of states

Main cities in Zambia

Lusaka (Lusaka)1,267,440 inhabitants
Kitwe (Copperbelt)400,914 inhabitants
Ndola (Copperbelt)394,518 inhabitants
Kabwe (Central)188,979 inhabitants
Chingola (Copperbelt)148,564 inhabitants
Mufulira (Copperbelt)120,500 inhabitants
Luanshya (Copperbelt)113,365 inhabitants
Livingstone (Southern)109,203 inhabitants
Kasama (Northern)91,056 inhabitants
Chipata (Eastern)85,963 inhabitants
Kalulushi (Copperbelt)66,575 inhabitants
Mazabuka (Southern)64,006 inhabitants
Chililabombwe (Copperbelt)57,328 inhabitants
Mongu (Western)52,534 inhabitants
Kafue (Lusaka)47,554 inhabitants
Choma (Southern)46,746 inhabitants
Mansa (Luapula)42,277 inhabitants
Kansanshi (North-Western)40,705 inhabitants
Kapiri Mposhi (Central)37,942 inhabitants
Monze (Southern)30,257 inhabitants
Mpika (Muchinga)28,445 inhabitants
Nchelenge (Luapula)23,693 inhabitants
Kawambwa (Luapula)20,589 inhabitants
Mbala (Northern)20,570 inhabitants
Samfya (Luapula)20,470 inhabitants
Sesheke (Western)20,149 inhabitants
Petauke (Eastern)19,296 inhabitants
Mumbwa (Central)19,086 inhabitants
Siavonga (Southern)18,638 inhabitants
Kaoma (Western)14,212 inhabitants
Chinsali (Muchinga)14,015 inhabitants
Kataba (Copperbelt)14,000 inhabitants
Mwinilunga (North-Western)13,798 inhabitants
Isoka (Muchinga)13,122 inhabitants
Mkushi (Central)12,306 inhabitants
Maamba (Southern)12,251 inhabitants
Lundazi (Eastern)11,635 inhabitants
Sinazongwe (Southern)11,528 inhabitants
Chambishi (Copperbelt)11,073 inhabitants
Nakonde (Muchinga)10,652 inhabitants
Nakambala (Southern)10,425 inhabitants
Senanga (Western)10,005 inhabitants
Mpongwe (Copperbelt)8,997 inhabitants
Serenje (Central)8,779 inhabitants
Mpulungu (Northern)8,547 inhabitants
Kalabo (Western)7,731 inhabitants
Kalengwa (North-Western)7,574 inhabitants
Limulunga (Western)7,461 inhabitants
Zambezi (North-Western)7,074 inhabitants
Mungwi (Northern)6,821 inhabitants
Kabompo (North-Western)6,592 inhabitants
Luwingu (Northern)6,161 inhabitants
Mufumbwe (North-Western)6,155 inhabitants
Chongwe (Lusaka)6,057 inhabitants
Kasempa (North-Western)5,622 inhabitants
Solwezi (North-Western)4,846 inhabitants
Chibombo (Central)4,477 inhabitants
Namwala (Southern)4,450 inhabitants
Mwense (Luapula)4,378 inhabitants
Chama (Muchinga)4,061 inhabitants
Chadiza (Eastern)3,690 inhabitants
Mporokoso (Northern)3,401 inhabitants
Lukulu (Western)3,349 inhabitants
Luangwa (Lusaka)3,065 inhabitants
Kaputa (Northern)2,683 inhabitants
Gwembe (Southern)2,052 inhabitants
Nyimba (Eastern)1,336 inhabitants